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Annual Reports and Quarterly Reports:

Download the Annual Report and see what God has done this year at Living Stones.

Sermons and Videos:

Living Stones Churches Sermon Archive (Video)
Living Stones Churches Training Videos
If you already have iTunes, subscribe to the Living Stones podcast here. Using Linux or just don’t like iTunes? Here’s the podcast’s RSS feed.

Becoming a Deacon at Living Stones:

Deacon Handbook PDF

Doctrinal Resources:

Doctrine Statement for Members and Teachers PDF
Resources to help you read the Bible.

Worship/Music Resources:

Application for Auditions PDF
Audition Info Packet PDF
Audition Administration PDF
Audition Scoring Sheet PDF
Audition Orientation/Program Outline PDF
Accountability Form PDF
Music Theory Assessment/Lessons PDF
Feedback form for Bands PDF
General Administration for Worship Ministry PDF
Liturgy Sheet PDF
New Band Orientation PDF
Band Coaching System PDF
Download the whole Worship Packet here.