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In addition to the breath in our lungs and the consciousness we enjoy, the God of the universe has given us everything, including salvation through Jesus Christ. As those who have been adopted into God’s family through grace, it is important that Christians image God by caring for the family of God–the local church. This includes spiritual care, physical care, and financial support. For information about Living Stones finances or to see how your donations are spent, download a copy of our latest Annual Report. If you are not a member of Living Stones but would still like to support us, we thank you and your donations are greatly appreciated.

How can I give at Living Stones?

Option 1: Bill Pay
Click here for step by step billpay instructions.

This is the best option because there is no fee and it happens automatically. Use your bank’s bill pay system to set up recurring gifts at no charge to LS or you. Contact your bank for details. Donations should be made to:

Living Stones Church
445 South Virginia Street
Reno, NV 89501

Option 2: Giving Box / Baskets

Place cash or checks in an envelope (found in the back of the sanctuary chairs) and drop it in the offering basket during the service or in the offering boxes that are on site at all churches.

Option 3: Giving Kiosk

Swipe a debit or credit card at the giving kiosk at any of our church locations. Remember that Living Stones is charged a small processing fee for all kiosk giving.

Option 4: Giving Online

Most people at Living Stones choose to use our online option through “the City“, our church database, networking and communication site.

If you want to give online…

1. Go to the City login page. If you don’t have a City login you can use the form below.

2. Follow the steps to enter your giving amount and set the date/frequency of gift. Then enter your credit/debit card info or bank account and routing number for an ACH transaction. It’s 100% secure.

3. On the confirmation screen, click “Make Donation.”

Make sure to bookmark the page for easy access. If you’re forgetful or life is busy, use the one of the recurring giving options under “When?” on the first set-up page. Remember that Living Stones is charged a small processing fee for all online giving.

How does Living Stones Churches spend the money?

All the money that comes to Living Stones is used for ministry. We can’t donate volunteer hours for the electric bill or for our pastors’ salaries, so the money given to Living Stones goes directly to funding the mission. In general, our spending breaks down in the following way:

60% – Staffing. Our staff salaries are determined by an objective outside source, the “Annual Compensation Handbook.”

20% – Facilities and utilities. e.g. turning the lights on, keeping the sanctuary warm/cool, building and office payments.

10% – General ministry budgets. This covers supplies for our major ministries.

10% – Mercy/Missions. This includes overseas missions and local mercy projects, but doesn’t include staffing for missions.

Why do people give financially?

Every believer in Christ has the responsibility to support their local church. Jesus emphasized the importance of giving over and over. In fact He spoke of money more than heaven and hell because money is often a good barometer of what is important in someone’s life.

Everything we have is from Him. Because of the goodness and grace that Jesus has shown his followers, it only makes sense that his followers would respond in sacrificing time, talents, and treasures.

Over and over again, Christians are called to give to the local church and live generously with those around them; it is out of obedience to Jesus and for his glory that we ask the same (see Acts 2 or 2 Corinthians 9).

If would like to contribute, you can use the form below to give online.

Please keep in mind—we never ask guests or those who do not call themselves followers of Christ to give financially, although they are welcome to contribute.






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