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LS Kids

LS Kids is not daycare.  Our goal is not just to provide a fun, safe environment for kids to hang out while their parents attend the worship gathering (although we do).  We believe that children are not the church of tomorrow, but the church of today, so we raise our kids in that way.  Our goal through LS Kids is to teach our children that they are disciples of Christ from the time they’re in diapers to the time they’re in dentures.  

Living Stones provides a way for children to interact with kids of their age group as they learn about Jesus, the Bible, and how God wants them to live.  LS kids has classrooms for newborns through fifth grade, so the curriculum in each classroom is geared towards the appropriate age group. Our classrooms are kept secure by our Safety Team, and all of our teachers have gone through background checks and training.

Note: LS Kids is offered at all Living Stones Church locations during all services.