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What To Expect

If you are new, you might be wondering what to expect when you walk into a Living Stones Church on a Sunday for one of our worship gatherings. We love to have guests come to our church, so please make yourself at home.

At Living Stones, we worship God through these expressions:

•We play music and sing to the God who created us and sustains us.  We also utilize video, visual art, and dancing to express this form of worship.

•We greet each other to acknowledge that we are in the presence of others who are made in the image of God.  The church is a collection of people, not a building.

•We listen to preaching from the Bible, hearing from God as His written word is taught.  Normally, we teach through a book of the Bible week by week, but we will occasionally preach on topical issues.  All of our sermons are Christ-centered.

•We take communion weekly to remember that Jesus’ body was crushed for us on the cross and that his blood was shed to wash us clean from our sins.

•We have groups praying for our church, city, and world during the gathering in our onsite prayer room, acknowledging that our power comes from God, not our skill.

•We take a financial offering so that we can continue to fund the church in Nevada and abroad.  

•We baptize new Christians to celebrate the transformation that comes when we trust in Christ for salvation.  When we do, we celebrate loudly.  Leading people to put their trust in Jesus is why Living Stones Churches exists.

These elements in our worship gatherings complement each other to form a picture of the gospel.  Our gatherings are crafted so that we can learn about Jesus, worship Jesus, and celebrate what Jesus is doing through our community, enabling us to go into the world and make disciples who make disciples.

Worship gathering location and times.